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I had the dreams to the best rich person among the young rich people.My effort to hustle were reduced when I became sick I didn’t do any beneficial thing instead of continueing consuming my money I collected. After recovery I started with my activities I used to make money and it was effective and I made enough money would jump me to next level.But I got a partner whom I loved much and I spent much money to her,I didn’t see pain of money I lose because I loved her much.Later she changed and became like my bank account where I deposit my money.After a while all of my money was perished and where I saw my relationship is a hell.My partner denied to live with me because I don’t have money,I don’t give her what she wants, she decided to go.This made me to hate love at that time.

If it would be you, what would have you done to this woman?

Remember, poor health made me to fail finding money and I spent much time and money for treatment,Love made me to lose money and the process of losing money made me to lose my love too.That is why I decided take a research in relationship to these three aspects.In my partial research I have recognized that mostly people can’t be rich without being fit in three aspect ie.health, money and love affair.If he/she will not be fit in love for example being in clue romance where quarrelle is inevitable or you are in love with a woman or man who makes you cry everyday automatically you will feel sick.Sick person can’t find money and remember that you will still using money for treatment but you will not gain money at that time.In reality money is nothing in love but with no money there is no strong love.If so, agree two results one is to with those having money or your wife running out of you.Therefore,my goal is to enrich people in these three aspects in order to make them rich.

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How to start Investment?

Before I go ahead to answer this question let’s first get the meaning of investment in short.Investment in short is the process of keeping money in a mechanism in which the money/property will be manipulated and increase in amount.

There must be a process that may support the money or property to increase.You can invest in business or service.Investment may be mixed up with the business in meaning but they are different exactly in meaning.Investment is the process of putting money or property in something in order to get profit while busines is a process in which money or property invested are manipulated in order to generate profit.

I hope you have got a bit meaning and differences that business is a continuation of investment.In simple means we can say every business man is an investor because he/she has invested his/her property/money in a business in order to get profit.

What are the requirements for the investment?

There are many things that you need to have for better success but I can say to you are main and important things are four which are:


The idea here is your decision to start investing.Take an example of eggs,when the force acts from inside outside life is created but when the force acts from outside inside life ends.The same to the investors the motivation of investing should be from inside so that you can work effectively but when the motivation will rely from outside you may get loss since you will not work positively as intended.

If you will rely on motivation from outside it will require you to rely on the source where you got motivation to reach out to your goal.I don’t mean that if you have got motivation from outside you will not succeed,no, you will succeed but you need more support.


Everything that you see is successful, skills has been applied to reach the achievements of those things.Take an example if someone dig from morning to evening with a hand hoe(low skills) and someone dig for one hour only by using a tractor (high skills) who will dig large area?. That is a power of skills.You can do big things enough for short time only when you apply the correct skills to do the correct thing.Enrich.Tz offers the correct skills for the success of your investment.Our Joy is to see our customers reach to the success of their plans.Contact us via email so that we can help you to get the correct skills.


This is the most important thingto have because is what you want to invest.Monetory capital is important to make preliminary preparation, transportation, employing employees and to fulfill other requirements.For our service of providing capital to our customers has stopped but will be active again soon.The amount of capital will depend on the size of the investment you want to start.Don’t about lack of capital we can teach you how to you can start Investment for as low as possible.


The place is an area where you want to put your investment.The place required is the one which may have all features required for investment but the main is peace.Since, even if there are all requirements and no peace your investment will be destroyed by ear/conflicts.You may fail to sustain to stay there too.Other important requirements are presence of good transport infrastructure like roads, railways, airways etc, reliable electricity, reliable water source and manpower.As Enrich we found the right country for you which have those features and we got the good which many rich people admire to invest to.This is not another but is Tanzania.We decided to settle in Tanzania to assist investors.Tanzania have many gaps which require many people to invest.There is still a large demand for investment in about all sectors.Nevertheless, many investors and companies to invest in Tanzania but still there are many gaps.

Tanzania is among few peaceful countries and have very welcoming citizens so your investment will be safe.Also, for now it has developed in infrastructures, reliable electricity,water,and manpower.

The sectors which you can invest in Tanzania embrace mining, industries and many other which you will get after getting our service.

Remember,in investment Enrich provides skills on how to start your investment and how to run it to your success,we advise you on the right place to put your investment [which we have given you already (Tanzania)] and we help you to promote your investment so that you can reach many people.We don’t provide capital for now and the issue of idea is from your own side but we can give motivation to create your internal motivation.

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What is business?

Business is a process of getting profit by solving people’s problems.Forexample, people may have a problem of buying goods at a distant and you decide to open a shop so that to solve that problem.You will be earning money through that process, this is what we call business.But you can simply say that business is buying and selling.If you are an entrepreneur your correct definition is the first definition.Even when you want to start a profitable busines you should start looking for a problem facing your customers.You shall see your busines is growing up so fast.

How can I start a business? Everything is deffiult to start that is the reality and you can not overcome it.May be you may have tried many times to start a busines and get some challenges and you decide to postpone, you are not the first even myself I put many business plan but when I get few challenges only I gave up.That was a begining then I decided to start a business without involving any person and the busines I read in the internet as you are doing.I told people after starting the business.So don’t what people say they may make you to give up but stand you by yourself.Because what you are looking for is your benefits not of them and they don’t want to see you are developing.Decide which business you want to start with and go ahead don’t listen people’s word s.I am here to help you to decide which business is more profitable and you you can start instantly.Learn how to start the business on simple process.I will be with you hand in hand untill I get success,I shall give you free advice so be free to contact us Whatsapp (+255657078828) or visit our website.

Stand by using your two limbs then take action to start your own business and start owning your financial freedom.I will be so happy to see you are among other people who are celebrating their success as a result of my support.I be joyful to meet with people thanking me for helping them to reach their dreams why not you.You can make higher than those have done by my friends.Take the my WhatsApp number above and contact me I shall help you or email me.

How you can make money with your mobile phone

In end of the 20th century the utilisation of mobile phones grew.The social networks contributed much in the increase of mobile phones.Many people now own smartphones from poors to richs.Than a quarter of all 7 billions people in the world planet use internet.

Mobile phone

People (especially Africans) use social networks and internet for nothing,they get nothing rather than get information, chatting with friends and relatives and getting entertainment over.We don’t know if we can make money with our phones.

You should know how you can utilize the number of people found in the world (more than 7 billions people) to convert them to bring money to you and it can be. phone enable you to have many people to your hands, you can do anything with them, you can share anything with them, you can do anything with them at any time and anywhere.

Due to that even the process of making money with your phone has been facilitated.You can use various ways to make money by using your phone,I am going to share with you some of them;

Start a blog,a blog is a simple and playful way to make money with your phone.Wordpress.com has simplified things, now you can conduct all blog activities with your phone.It is simple to create your own blog.The right place for beginners to create a blog or website is WordPress.com.Click here to create your own blog in simple steps.

In truth, even myself I started my blog by using the phone until now I write this Post by using my phone.So don’t own the phone which increase cost instead of benefits.


Good topic, good and attractive language, simple language, effective promotion and good plans will make you earn enough money.

Monetisetion depends on the number of people visiting your blog and the way you make money (if affiliate,ads or selling your own products). https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=47821&cid=5524031

Instagram Marketing, yes, you can make money with your Instagram account.Will Instagram pay you?The answer is “no” Instagram will not pay you but will help you to get money through the ways;You can sell your products to your friends in Instagram.Find good products that even yourself you admire to buy then start to promote to your followers.You can also make money with your Instagram account with affiliate marketing,find affilliate marketing companies that provide affilliate for Instagram.

You can also make money with your Instagram account by advertising advertisement of companies and individuals.

To make these ways to enable you to get money is to have many followers,if you have many followers you can make thousands of dollars.To get many followers you need to post many posts and liking to comment on other’s posts when they see you are providing good idea they will start following you.

Online teaching, this is another way that you can use to make money by using your WhatsApp account.Find a good topic which you think many people want to learn from you and they will be ready to pay for it.Then create a WhatsApp group where you will be teaching your students in.Make sure you are well understand the topic you want to teach because your students will ask you questions if you fail to answer them correctly they will never come back again.Also,make sure your account contain only one topic that you teach to avoid nuisance to your students.

Use your Facebook page/account to promote your service in order to get many students and make proper exercise on your topic before starting the class.

If you don’t what is a good topic you can teach please comment below or contact me here.

Create a YouTube channel, this is another simple way to make money online with your phone, you can start making money if you get many subscribers and viewers.Post many and good videos to your channel, you can record yourself teaching something.Sellect a good topic to create your videos about in order to get many people subscribing to your channel.

When you get many subscribers you can beg ads and start making money.The best way to make money is to promote your own products or service.And this you can do with your phone now why you continue staying with a non-profitable phone?Use your phone beneficially.

There are many other ways but start with these first.If you have questions, addition or any comment please comment below.Then tell us how you get benefits from your phone?

Busines that you can do while you are in the village

After seeing many people especially teenagers migrate frequently rural to urban to find money I decided to find the truth about if someone can not get success from the village.I got the answer that it’s possible to get success and become rich from the village.Many People asked me in social networks ‘how you can get rich from the village?’.It required me to make a research to find business ideas that a person can do while he’s in the village and make enough money to become rich.I started to make the comparison first between urban life and rural life.Read here to see the comparison.In my research I got the following business ideas that someone can do and earn a living money for success:


I have put it the first because is the work that I do and I have experience in it so what I shall say about it is correct.Since the development of communication system in villages have developed, this activity is favourable even in the village because it needs to have your computer or mobile phone and an internet only to perform this activity.You may reach everyone wherever he/she is even if you are in the village.You can make thousands of dollars a month through blogging.Create your blog here and start earning money while you are on the bed.

2.Network marketing

Network Marketing is an online business which provide an online business of products and services.Network Marketing provide a chance to people to work from anywhere and any time.With network marketing you can work with people from any corner of the world from wherever you are if you are in town or in village.The best company that provides Network Marketing service is Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global).Get more information by contacting with service provider here.Via email.

3.Bee keeping

You may ask yourself what kind of activity like this do I say but I’m telling you be serious with this activity you can make a good business that can make you to earn money.In Tanzania one litter of horney is Tsh.6,000 so if you have 1000 litters you will earn Tsh.6,000,000(~$2,750). It’s is easy to get 1000 and this activity is favourable to rural dwellers.You can go to sell your horney where there’s high price.

4.Starting shop keeping

Here you need trick to get much money.Since in villages there’s low population hence the business runs slowly.What you need to sell in your shop is pretty types of products so that when one goes down other may go up.Sell products what your customers need in some new and Payful products you may start providing education to them so that they can accept it.You can make great.Click here to see how you can become rich through shop keeping


Due to development of science and technology in villages, people spend time to send and receive money from distant friends,relatives or parents through their mobile phones.They need the presence of agent of mobile network provider.Take this chance to become an agent and start earning money from your village.You can become a bank agent too.If you want to be a bank agent in any bank and and country please comment on the comment box below or contact me here.

6.Drawing and words typing

Drawing and word typing is favourable to those with this talent.If you don’t have this talent it will require you to learn how to draw and type words on walls of buildings or cars.Fabian does this work he charges $0.25 per letter, now imagine if you type 1000 letters won’t you earn $250 in one day?If you have that talent please don’t sleep with it for nothing, comment below so that I can help you to get the work for of charge or contact me here.


Here I’m talking about agriculture for business and not agriculture with business.Find the products that have good market the follow the recommended process of modern cultivation then yield much crops put in your personal godown, wait until the price of that crop rise then sell.Don’t spend your money without plans,use but leave the balance which will work for you on the next season of cultivation.

8.Solar panel service

Nevertheless of the effort of governments in different countries to improve electricity service in villages but the demand of electricity is still high.Take that opportunity to solve that problem by earning money.provide solar panels to people in which they will be paying per month.Every month you will be collecting revenue.The more people you the more money you make.The technology has simplified things, now are set with automatically circuit breaker so when people will fail to pay it cut off the circuit automatic.

9.Transportation service

In many villages now the transportation systems are good but it might be no enough transportation vehicles.Use your vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle or car) to transport people or baggages.You can make up to $50 a day if you are active.

10.Poultry farming

This is the last but not least,yes, it’s poultry farming.Poultry require open and good environments and in the village is a conducive environments to conduct this activity.You can keep as much chicken as possible then take to sell in town.Learn how to keep chicken and how to prevent diseases to attack your chicken also, how to treat them then start the activity.

I you have any thing to say about this don’t pass with it.You can make addition to this on the comment box below.Welcome and God bless you.Like, comment and share to motivate me so that I can know if what I provide is valuable to my readers.

Can someone get Rich while he’s in the village?

It has been believed by many people that the only place to make money in town.I want to answer this question to help especially Tanzanian youths who don’t believe that they can win life while they are in the village.

I have been asked this question in my WhatsApp account with many people.Before I answered this question I decided to make research and comparison first so that I can provide a correct and satisfied answer.

About 80% of Tanzanian teenagers run towns especially in the city of Dar es Salaam to find life after dropping schools.It is because their minds believe that in town there is anything that can be done to get money.But most of them go and stay there for many years without success,they return home through assistance of fare from villagers.

To be well understood,I decided to make a comparison first between bush life and urban life.The comparison will show us where is good for life and success.Let us compare:

1.Availability of food, it’s a truth that all food (>95%) are cultivated in village and transported to the towns.Means that villagers feed urban dwellers.So,if you are in village you will not get the challenge of scarcity of food.Among the basic needs of life you will still finding only money to buy clothes and to pay for treatment.But if you are in town everything you required to hustle for.

2.population,the population in village is low which hinders the growth of busines.But it doesn’t mean that no busines can grow rapid in village.In town there is large population of people in which business can run smoothly and rapidly.But there some village have large population enough for growth of busines.

3.Transportation,for now, many villages have been developed.They have good and reliable transportation systems in which you can reach any distant place and fulfill your needs there.You can conduct your busines well from village to village but in towns nevertheless of the presence of good infrastructure but because of the large population, transportation become worse than in village.

4.Electricity, this is an important service according to the development of science and technology there is a high need of electricity to run machines.Electricity is needed offices to operate computers and other machines which need electricity to operate.The Discovery of electricity has helped people to employe themselves.In many villages for this time electricity service has improved in which you can conduct your activities while you’re at the village.

5.communication system,

In town the communication system has been developed but even in villages the communication systems have been therefore you can conduct any online business from the village.

6.Other services,I don’t think if there is another important thing required for success which is not present in villages.Even if there is,there are good transportation infrastructures in it can be affordable to get it.

According to the comparison we have made above,I am ready to answer the question by saying “Yes, you can become rich from the village” but it depends on your plans, skills and willing.To defend my answer I have made research on businesses that you can do while you are in the village and you can get much money than those who are in the town.Actually,in town the life is so tough if you don’t have a reliable channel of income because everything is consuming money, you can not get anything for free.But in village only few things consume money therefore, even for that small amount of money you get you can manage and you may use for development purpose.

People fail to get success in the village because they fail to set their plans, goals and skills together.Also,they fail to find business that they can do while they are in the village which will provide them a pretty of money.

Don’t miss the businesses that I have discovered that you can work while you are in the village and make money than those living in town.They can help even those dwell in town they are active even in town.Click here to get ten businesses that you can do while you are in the village.

Don’t disturb yourself to go in town to seek for good life.You can win life wherever you live but you have to set your plans according to the place you are.You can’t eat rice like when you are eating ugali, every food had its style of eating.

If you are in the village you can set up your plans, goals and skills which can be fulfilled in village format.I promise you can get success.

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…..Thank you….

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In 2006 Dr.Eduardo Cabantog and his fellows established Alliance In Motion Global for the aim of solving people’s problems.They believed that the main problems facing people in the world are two only which are health and money.They tried up to their level best and God helped them succeeding to get the solution of these problems facing people by starting network marketing to solve the problem of money and they cooperate with companies that manufacture medicine by using food suplements.

Their plans are working well throughout the world.They make people rich and they make people healthy.They have simplified the earning system, people earn money while they are at the swimming pool or at the bed.Read more about Alliance In Motion Global here.

According to the goals of founders of Alliance in motion Globe are right to end there But people can not live freely with only health and money since all of these can be altered by one aspect which is LOVE.

It is my belief and it’s the reality that if someone has enough money and is healthy of he/she will not be good in his/her love relationship he/she will not live well life.

Therefore,Enrich.tz has established to solve these three problems since if you are not good in love (take an example you have a partner who misuses money and properties and always you fall into conflict with her/him will you live well?) other aspects will be disturbed too.If you are unhealthy you will not do well in love and you not be able to find money.If you don’t have money, loo! It’s where everything goes opposite, everything you try fails.You will lack better treatment when you become sick and in the World of today love is a business if you don’t have money will you stay in love with one faithful partner or you will agree to share with rich men?

I have taken Alliance in motion Globe as an example not to criticize it but it is because it is a company that I rate it for all five stars.Because it provides reliable home busines and effective medicine which treat diseases which thought to be impossible.It has provided many rich people in only it’s short period of time of service.I have seen people with all types of cancers,all types of heart diseases, diabetes and other main diseases get cured after using medicine from Alliance in motion Globe.The medicine made with no chemicals it’s only food suplements.

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